Kathleen - A/C repair and new installation

I highly recommend Dave and Webster Mechanical for any air-conditioning service or installation. I saw his name and company on Allen-Online online, and based on those reviews, called him to service an air-conditioner that had gone out. He was able to come out quickly and fix my air conditioner. Shortly thereafter, I decided I should just go with a whole new installation (A/C and furnace) as my unit was nearing its end, even though Dave assured me it could run another year or two with the repair he had just done.

Dave was very knowledgeable and responsive to all of my questions about replacing the unit (of which I had quite a few). He and his team had the new A/C and furnace installed and running within a day and it is working well. I received great service, and quick turnaround at a fair price. I have a second unit that is also nearing its end and I plan to use Dave and his team again when I replace that unit.
I highly recommend this business!

- Excellent Service!

I am not sure where to start because I am so thankful to have David come to my house after I had the home warranty company come to my house a couple of days before he did to see what was wrong with my A/C unit in my master bedroom. Let me say, I am glad I called David.

The story is that my A/C unit was blowing hot air, I called my home warranty company and they sent someone out. They inspected my A/C unit and told me it is a 2006 model and the compressor is out. My options were I can either by a new compressor or a new A/C unit. I was skeptical so I took the quote, paid my service fee, and decided to get a second opinion.

I called David and he was available to come out the next day (because my main unit was still working, for that it was an urgent matter to ask him to come that day) to take a look at my A/C unit. Come to find out, it was the running compressor wires, were wired incorrectly. I don't know why the home warranty person didn't see this but I am so thankful that David saw it and fixed it for me. I will definitely let the home warranty company know how disappointed I am with them in regards to their finding of the problem.

I would recommend David due to his honesty, time of response, and what a great person he is to work with. I look forward to using his services in the future and recommending him to all my friends and family! Keep up the great job David!

- Can't recommend Dave enough.

My A/C went out last weekend, called Monday, he was there Monday afternoon to find the problem. Part was ordered and replaced by Tuesday and he saved me both time and $$. Thanks Dave.

Helen Spencer - Timely, professional, and honest!

Wow. That was refreshing. Webster Mechanical's Dave Porter is just great. No heavy sales pitch - just honest, professional analysis of our old a/c units and subsequent repair at a much lower cost than one of their competitors. I now understand why he has so many positive comments.

Claudia - Great Service

A neighbor recommended David to us when our A/C was on the fritz last week. OMG! He was soooo helpful and courteous and saved us from having to purchase a new unit right now! WOW! I highly recommend using David at Webster.

Elliott Peeler - Excellent and Honest Service

I couldn't be happier with the service we received from Dave at Webster Mechanical. He came out the same day we called him, fixed the problem explaining exactly what was wrong and charged a very reasonable amount. His honesty and professionalism were exemplary even going so far to as to suggest we delay payment for a couple of days just to be sure nothing else went wrong beyond the obvious fix. Wow folks. That's something you don't get very often from a service professional these days.

I will have no reservations recommending Dave at Webster to any of my friends or family. Truly a customer oriented company.

Marvin - Great Service!

Outstanding service! I highly recommend this company for a/c repair.

Brad B. - Awesome Service!

Spent the winter concerned about the well being of our home's AC system. Repairman from a different company reported late last summer that the equipment in the attic needed to be replaced entirely at a considerable expense. A neighbor recommended Webster Mechanical for a second opinion.
Made an appointment with Dave at a time where I could be present during his inspection. Dave took the time to explain how my system operated and performed a thorough inspection. His findings revealed that a couple of minor issues existed which he rectified. He identified a somewhat inexpensive part that was nearing the end of its expected life, but indicated that its replacement could be put off for a while without concern. I was also shown a few things that I could monitor on my own to identify issues in advance to avoid costly problems from developing.
Webster Mechanical showed that they are knowledgeable, truthful, and professional. It's a company we can confidently recommend.

Manoucher - Satisfied Customer

I contacted David at The Webster Mechanical concerning our heating system. He did a complete checking of our furnaces at a very reasonable price, he also inspectected both of our A/C units thrououghtly at NO CHARGE!
I found him very knowledgable, professional and cooperative, thus I will recommend him without any hesitations.

Debra Spears - Home Owner
David was recommended to me by someone in our neighborhood and I'm glad they did. After one company told me that the repair to my furnace would require a new motor for several hundred dollars and then proceeded to recommend I purchase an entirely new system that would run in the thousands, I called David. He spent 20 minutes working on the unit and cleaning parts and it now runs great. He responded to my phone call within 30 minutes and was on-site on time. I'll definitely continue to use David and have no reservations about recommending him to any home owner.

MS - Home Owner

My sister recommended Dave. I am so glad she did. My AC wasn't cooling the 1st floor & I was worried that is was going to be a costly problem.First, Dave inspected & changed the filters in my vents. He inspected my units in my attic & outside. Ultimately, he discovered that my 1st floor unit had tripped the breaker & that my upper floor unit needed a booster to restart. It didn't cost me as much as I imagined & everything involved took about an hour. I plan to have Dave come out next year for a Spring inspection & will hire him again for any future problems.
Thank you Roberta for recommending Dave.

Lily Fields - Excellent Service

We had Dave from Webster Mechanical out last year to fix our old AC and get us through the season. He was very honest with us and did this repair at a minimum of cost. Earlier this season we had him replace our old equipment with a new high efficiency AC unit and our utility bills dropped considerably.

My husband and I highly recommend Webster Mechanical as their service has been excellent and the costs were very reasonable.

Chickypez - Best A/C Guy Out There

We knew our unit needed attention, and David came out to fix it. It needed quite a bit of work, and it is now cooling the house better than it has since we lived here. It is an old unit, so it is not as energy efficient as we would like it to be, but after his work the summer electric bill was the lowest it has been in the 8 years we have lived here. He is honest and does not charge an arm and a leg, so you can't go wrong giving him a call if your unit needs some help!

Melissa - Home Owner

I found David Webster through my neighborhood FaceBook, and what a find! I called and talked to several of the recommendations before I choose David Webster. David was upfront with his pricing and his service is superior. I paid less for a repair than I have paid in the past for so called AC inspections/tune-ups.
David not only made the repair, he inspected both of my units, and worked with me on the airflow for the whole house.

Since my repair he has worked on my neighbors AC, again charging less than half the other guys quotes and delivering great service and using new and quality replacement parts.
I give David 2 thumbs up for honesty and great service!


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